Group Commercial Director, Ali May-Khalil, features in Automotive Management's Choose Your Supplier 2022 issue

  • Apr 29, 2022

In the latest issue of Choose Your Supplier by Automotive Management, Ali May-Khalil, Group Commercial Director of Autoguard Group discusses how being more than just a products provider, but a business partner to motor dealers will sustainably retain customers and substantially increase their profits.

The article, titled ‘Used Car Sales Surge is Good News for Warranties’, considers that extended warranties will help dealerships form a bridge to customers and retain them.


We’ve highlighted some of the significant points Ali made in the article regarding the formation of Autoguard Group.

The formation of Autoguard Group gives dealers the opportunity to have everything under one roof, “Whatever it is a dealer wants, we can either sell on their behalf, train them to sell more, or provide the product for them to sell, as well as measure and manage it for them.”

Ali continues to discuss Autoguard’s growth through the result of a recruitment surge due to the formation of the group, including us growing our sales team by 30% and the telesales team doubling. “We’ve been aggressive on talent acquisition and they’ve been helping to onboard more clients. We have also invested in making sure our products can integrate with dealer management systems (DMS). Integration us critical to business growth now.”

Another big growth opportunity for Autoguard Group was for bundled products in the form of monthly subscriptions. Autoguard has already launched our white-label subscription offering through Warranty Administration Services after running a successful pilot. “From a consumer perspective, subscriptions offer peace of mind and budgeting. You don’t want any unexpected bills and you know everything is covered. For dealers, subscriptions are a great retention tool. That’s the order of the day, dealers need to keep what they’ve got from going somewhere else.”


Later, Ali moves the conversation to the pressure points currently in the used car industry, calling attention to that dealers must be more savvy as the used car stock situation isn’t going to get any easier.

To read the full article in the Choose Your Supplier 2022, click here and head to page 26.